Project: Illegal Advertising (Bylaw Adherence)

Illegal advertising on our street signs and buildings is becoming increasingly popular. As residents we need to remind illegal advertisers that street signs are an important part of road traffic safety in our area. Advertising attached to traffic signs as well as street lamps will be removed. Not only do these advertising campaigns obstruct our view when making use of roads but also deter driver concentration and pose a safety risk to residents, children and business. We ask all residents to support the removal of all illegal advertisements from our road traffic signs. It is against the law for these advertisers to put our safety at risk.

Project: Littering (Bylaw Adherence)

As mundane as it may sound litter is problematic on our main thoroughfare routes, especially on the following intersections of Grant Avenue: William Road, Algernon Road, and Frances Avenue. Norwood Village and proud residents appeal to all business, visitors and residents to keep our streets clean. We are proud of our streets and enjoy a clean, hygienic environment for everyone.

Project: Curbside Street Names

Norwood Village has been actively painting all worn and weather beaten road names on curbsides. This initiative will continue as funds become available. It is extremely important that our infrastructure of which street signs form part is maintained and updated regularly.